Why can’t racist material in movies have the same fate as the discontinued Dr. Seuss books?

Credit: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Recently, I rewatched one of my favorite classic pieces of cinema, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and could not manage to move past the obvious racism in the film. I could not believe that I had ignored this in my first few viewings of the movie. I must’ve been so immersed in the plot that my mind forgot about the racism posed.

For those who don’t know, Breakfast at Tiffany’s displays a stereotype-driven Asian character named Mr. Yunioshi. The character is the landlord for the building Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly, lives in. Mr. Yunioshi is portrayed by a white, non-Asian actor…

This is as anti-LGBTQ as it gets

Photo by Cecilie Johnsen on Unsplash

The latest topic of discussion on conservative media has been an alleged assault on high school sports by trans female athletes. If this had stayed as some crazed talking point and not evolved into actual laws getting signed, then fine, conservative media can talk about whatever they want, despite how insane and anti-LGBTQ it might be. However, this is not even close to what is currently going on.

Coverage in media has consequences, terrible ones if the media is using a specific group of people as a major talking point, therefore the major issue present in the United States from…

When clicks mean more than displaying basic human emotion toward even those with mental difficulties

Credit: Holiday Inn

I believe we’ve all seen the video of the Holiday Inn employee being harassed by a guest to an unbelievable extent, to which one can only wonder how such a lack of human empathy is even possible.

If you haven’t seen the viral Twitter video, I don’t recommend watching it. The employee in the video is a young man, if not still a teenager, and deserves his privacy, especially since he didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll describe the events of the video to the best of my ability.

The video is shot by a guest who is angered because there’s…

It’s not as gender-inclusive as one might think

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

The whole debate around the term “You Guys” was brought to my attention a few months ago. I was giving a speech in front of a large group of people and addressed them as “You Guys”. I thought this was totally fine, respectful, correct. Unbeknownst to me though, was that I offended someone pretty seriously. After the speech, a women came up to me and told me that I my speech — which ironically was about inclusion — was discriminatory due to my use of the word “Guys”. She stated that a speech about inclusivity isn’t inclusive if the one…

These outdated clichés haven’t gone anywhere

Photo by Stavrialena Gontzou on Unsplash

Just recently, within the past month or so, I was out on a stroll through the downtown area of where I live. You know, getting a bit of shopping done, who doesn’t love that! After I walked out of about the third store I’d visited that day, an incoming patron observed me, then said, “Wow, I love your outfit, you gays have such great style!”

Then they continued into the store as if nothing was amiss. I ignored this comment at first, taking it as purely a compliment, finding nothing peculiar about it. However, I couldn’t silence the remark of…

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